The After-Hours Medical Clinic is for Urgent care and not a convenient substitute for routine care provided by your doctor. Your family physician is best suited to manage your health care and is generally available to see you during regular office hours.  If you require any medical attention, please contact your family physician first.

Patients must be registered with one of the following physicians to use this After Hours Service

  • Dr. Baig
  • Dr. A. Hajduk
  • Dr. M. Talukdar
  • Dr. C. Mackie
  • Dr. P. Rahil
  • Dr.  J.  Caspers
  • Dr. S. Thomas
  • Dr. M. Tudor
  • Dr. M. Deol
  • Dr. R. Beland   
  • Dr. M. Austin
  • Dr. C. Thomson
  • Dr. K. Little
  • Dr. J. Chan  
  • Dr. R. McArthur
  • Dr. D. Gray 
  • Dr. K. Noonan
  • Dr. A. Lightle
  • Dr. S. Wilson
  • Dr. S. Hutton
  • Dr. A. Popescu
  • Dr. S. Pasion
  •  Dr. R. Helyar
  • Dr. K. Alexopoulos
  • Dr. G. Ting
  • Dr. K. St. Amant
  • Dr. T. MacLean


After Hours we do not manage or provide the following:

Immunizations/Travel medicine - Allergy Injections - Ear Syringe Routine - Physical/Gynecological examinations - Prenatal Care - Chronic disease/pain management - HIV testing or treatment - Sexually transmitted disease screening - Contraception management - Mental health Seizure disorders - Filling out forms (i.e. WSIB, sick notes) - Prescription renewals
Wyndha Medical Clinic


Should you need after-hour care please call at 1-866-553-7205 When calling Telehealth a Nurse will triage your concerns, should they feel you need to be seen they will then contact the Phoenix FHO Physician who is on call.  Together they will determine the urgency of your concerns and advise you of the time and place for the provision of care within the Guelph area.