You must bring a valid Health Card to every visit.

Health Cards that have expired or are invalid will not be accepted under any circumstances and patients will be required to pay for the visit according to the Ontario Medical Association guidelines.


In order for us to run efficiently we need your help with the following list of Common Courtesies:

Booking an appointment
When booking an appointment, please inform the receptionist how many people need to be seen. If you book for only one person but bring more than one, the doctor will be put behind. Extra patients will only be seen at the doctor’s discretion. Please indicate to the receptionist the nature of your visit so that adequate time may be allotted.

Please write down your appointment time, as it is your responsibility to remember this time and not call the receptionist for a reminder.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please phone the office as soon as possible so another person may use your appointment time. Please note that 24 hours notice is required to avoid missed appointment fees. ($30.00 for regular appointments and $60.00 for physicals/counselling).

Phone calls
When calling the office for a non-urgent appointment or to reschedule an upcoming appointment we ask that you call after 10:30in the morning or in the afternoon after 2:30. The phone lines are very busy early in the morning and immediately after lunch and we ask that only people with urgent concerns or same-day cancellations call before the times mentioned above.

Doctors do not take patient phone calls. Doctors cannot be expected to diagnose or treat problems over the telephone, as this is an unsafe practice. In addition, phone calls are often disruptive to appointments. To be fair to all, this clinic does not accept patient phone calls. Please come by in person. We have urgent appointments available every day for you to be better served.

Medical emergencies
Patients with serious medical emergencies should go to the nearest Emergency Department. Patients that need to see a doctor on the same day and there are no appointments left for the day should use the after-hours phone number. Patients are discouraged to go to walk-in clinic as the physician is penalized if they do.

Scope of the visit
Please limit the number of concerns/problems to one or two. Please book additional appointments to address other concerns.

Prescription Refills
Please check your medication supply. If you are low, please ask for a renewal of your medications during the visit.

As a rule, there may be a fee of $20.00 for faxed prescriptions whiteout an appointment.

Important notice – Renewal of prescriptions for narcotics and all other controlled substances requires an appointment with your doctor. Please note it is your responsibility to book an appointment two weeks before your medication is needed. Early releases will only be provided in exceptional circumstances and must be discussed with your doctor in person.

Laboratory tests or investigations
Normal results will not be called to patients. Please do not call requesting staff to look up your results as a staff is not allowed to give any medical advice or information over the phone; this is also very time-consuming and causes delays on the phone lines. We ask that if you want to know the results or are continuing to experience problems, please make an appointment with your physician.

If being referred to a specialist, please be aware that waiting times can be several months. You will be called with an appointment time either by our office or the specialist. Due to the large volume of calls per day, please refrain from calling our office to enquire about your appointment times, unless you are returning our call.

Uninsured medical services
The Ministry of Health (OHIP) does not cover all services.

Examples of uninsured services include work or school-related notes, medical forms for insurance, legal or employment purposes, travel advice, tray fees for procedures, photocopying, faxing and transfer of medical records, etc. All fees are posted in the reception area and in each doctor’s office.

If you need a form completed, please book an appointment and allow sufficient time for completion of the form or your doctor may choose to ask you to come back to pick it up. Please ensure that all areas of the form pertaining to you are completed prior to seeing your doctor. Forms take time to fill and thus reduce the doctor’s ability to provide care to the patients. All charges for uninsured services must be settled at the point of service. Our office only deals with cash or cheque, no debit.

Prenatal care
Prenatal care can be provided by your doctor until you will be transferred to a specialist or you may choose a midwife. Your baby is considered a clinic patient, and all newborn care including vaccines can be done in the clinic.

We respect your confidentiality. You must provide us with a written, witnessed consent form to release your medical information to anyone (even a parent, a counsellor, or a spouse) unless you are with the person at the time of disclosure.

Aggressive Behaviors
We strive to offer an environment that is comfortable, inviting and respectful for all. Patients are our priority and we try our best to make your visit pleasant and comfortable. We are completely supportive of our staff and neither the doctor nor management will tolerate any rude or aggressive behaviour. If a patient is rude and/or aggressive they will be told to leave the clinic immediately.

Wyndham Medical ClinicTermination of the doctor-patient relationship
can be done at any time and can be initiated by either party. If a patient feels that the relationship is not working out, they can seek a new doctor. A doctor can equally decide if the relationship is not therapeutic, and if necessary, will notify the patient.

Be ready for the visit
In the office, the patient needs to be ready for the exam-no coats or boots in the exam room. Please also be advised, that FOOD or DRINK is not allowed in the Exam room.

Cosmetic treatment
Dr. Popescu is offering a variety of cosmetic procedures including Botox cosmetics, as well as treatment of headaches and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) with Botox. She is also offering injectable fillers.


A booked appointment is required to see your Family Doctor. No Walk-In visits, please. All requests are triaged by our receptionist in order to assist with scheduling.

Dr. Adriana Popescu – Monday 9 AM – 12 PM, Tuesday: 1 PM – 7 PM, Wednesday & Thursday: 9 AM – 12 PM / 1 PM-5 PM
Dr. Ryan McArthur – Monday: 1 PM-5 PM, Tuesday: 9-12 PM; 1 PM-4 PM, Wednesday: 9-12 PM, Friday: 9-12 PM; 1-3 PM

We offer same-day appointments on a first come first serve basis. Please call first thing in the morning. We will do our best to offer same-day appointments to those who need them. Call or walk in to see the NURSE for a urine dip and/or throat swabs, for any symptoms of bladder infection and/or sore throat respectively. You will be treated on-site if needed.


Medical services NOT covered by OHIP


Wyndham Medical Clinic in Guelph