• We do not discuss patient information other than what’s required within the context of the visit
  • We do not discuss any patient information outside of the office
  • Only the doctor may read a patient’s chart for results or any other health information
  • We do not discuss laboratory results over the phone
  • We may only confirm that the results have arrived
  • We do not discuss the patient’s results with anyone other than the patient, including the patient’s family members
  • Only the doctor and nurse are qualified to provide medical advice
  • We may provide INR test results to patients over the phone, as long as we confirm the patient’s identity and provide the information directly to them only
  • We do not provide medical information about a patient under the age of 18 to any family member that does not accompany the patient to the office
  • We make sure to document any and all patient concerns, no matter how minor in the patient’s chart
  • In the event that a patient is unhappy with any aspect of their treatment in our clinic, we do our best to diffuse the situation, we always try to offer a solution, we document the information in their chart and we immediately speak with Doctor regarding the issue
  • We do tolerate nor subject anyone to vulgar or belligerent language
  • If a patient behaves in an inappropriate manner we politely ask that it stops immediately and ask that they speak with the manager and/or doctor

Users may not use Wyndham Medical services or network to violate, or to attempt to violate, the security of any network, service, data, or another system without proper authorization, including, without limitation:

  • Any attempt to access any network, service, data, or other systems that such User is not authorized to access.
  • Any attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of any network, service, or system without proper authorization.
  • Any attempt to breach any security or authentication measures


In order to ensure server stability and uptime of the mail server, the following limits shall apply to all Users of FDGV email:

  • Size per message: 1 MB incoming and outgoing.
  • Maximum mailbox size: 20 MB total.

Messages that exceed the above limit shall be rejected, and mailboxes that exceed the above limit shall not be able to receive further incoming mail. Messages that have been unchecked for 90 days automatically shall be deleted from the server.

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