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    Do I have to pay for parking?
    Do I have to show my Health Card at every visit?
    When my Doctor is away is someone available to cover them?
    Can I get my lab or test results over the phone?
    When should I refill my Prescriptions?
    I have a problem now! How soon can the doctor see me?
    What should I do if I miss my appointment?
    Can the doctors at Wyndham Medical treat my whole family?
    What if I need to be referred to a specialist?
    Can I be seen by a doctor at WM if I do not have OHIP/insurance?
    Can I use FHT services without being a rostered patient of one of your doctors?
    Is Travel Advice covered by OHIP?
    Do physicians have to provide their patients with access to care 24-hours a day, seven days a week?

    The College recognizes that providing round-the-clock coverage for patient care can be problematic. However, physicians do have a social and an ethical obligation to look after their patients on a 24-hour basis and should make the necessary arrangements to ensure that alternate medical care is available even if their office or clinic is closed. After Hours Clinic available or Guelph General Hospital emergency department