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    Wyndham Medical is a place where people will feel cared for, safe, helped and respected. The working team is a group of well-trained physicians, highly experienced nurses and a friendly and welcoming receptionists. The physicians at Wyndham Medical have a solid medical background. The focus is on disease prevention and intervention. With an emphasis on family practice and internal medicine, the physicians at Wyndham Medical will address all your medical needs.

    Ethics and Values
    Caring Ethics
    We treat each patient with compassion and empathy


    We uncompromisingly abide by the CMA Code of Medical Ethics

    Trust Teamwork


    We earn trust from our patients and each other

    We recognize the value of each individual contribution

    1. Carol Van Kampen (Administrator)
    2. Liz Roth (Administrator)
    3. Holly Weissmann (RPN)
    1. Kaleigh Russell (Mental Health Counsellor)
    2. Tabitha Zindel (Registered Nurse – Primary Care Nurse Clinician)
    3. Cara Kasdorf (Registered Dietitian)